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Outdoor Living Design Trends for 2023

Jan 4, 2023 | Outdoor Living

Sustainability in Outdoor Living Design Trends

Sustainability is a well-known word in our world now, especially as it relates to outdoor living design trends. As more and more companies and people become increasingly aware of our footprint in the world, eco-friendly design options also increase. You can ask yourself, how can I create a balance of function, form, and environmentally friendly? A search for eco-friendly products and designers is one place to start. Many companies will state on their site that they are eco-conscious.

One popular product on the market right now is permeable pavers, which allow rainfall and water to permeate into the ground more evenly, as opposed to a solid concrete or tile base where water would flow off into smaller, localized areas.

Using solar-powered lights are probably the most popular sustainable product currently in use, and the products keep improving every year. The outdoor furniture industry has many companies using recycled materials, landfill or ocean-bound plastic, and reclaimed wood tables.

Another way to look at this topic is upcycling. Take a trip to your local thrift shop to find treasures to either use as is, or think outside the box and recreate something new. For example, repurpose pots and pans into planters or turn drinking glasses into hanging vases for an exterior wall or trellis.

Whatever route you may take, think about how you and your space will benefit from an earth-friendly design

Outdoor Living Design Trends for 2023 - Laser-Cut Screen photo

Bringing the Indoors Out

Some of you are thinking….what?? Bringing the indoors outside is a way to integrate the inside and outside, and create an all-season patio. Replace your back door with stacking glass doors or bi-fold doors is one way to accomplish this, which also is a way to bring the outdoors in. Another way to bring the indoors out is to add privacy to your patio or outdoor space. This can be done in several ways. Privacy walls, whether permanent or moveable, are a very popular way to block out a neighbor. Pergolas or any type of cover are other options. Need more natural options, use landscaping as a way to create a more private cozy space. Oversized planters or permanent bushes can provide needed privacy.

One last way to bring the inside out is to transform a patio area into an optional workspace. An electrician can add more exterior plugs or an exterior ceiling fan. Look for a table that can function as a desk and dining table. Portable heaters or fire pits are great for the winter months and provide another level of use.

The trend is to make the space usable for many occasions and many seasons to get the most out of your home.

Outdoor Living Design Trends – A Mix of Textures

Eclectic style has been around for years and is always trending in some way. What is becoming trendy in outdoor living design is eclectic surfaces, particularly in flooring. This trend gives homeowners more choices when it comes to flooring. Go with a modern look of hardwood, turf, and concrete. A more classic look might include brick and stone pavers with a change in patterns.

A space can be elevated with the addition of glass tile, metal edging, or a glass fire pit. The options are endless, but be careful not to go overboard with different materials.

Outdoor Living Design Trends for 2023 - fire pit image

Not Your Everyday Appliances

Small appliances are being requested from clients more and more. Some are moveable, some more permanent and some are small additions. Outdoor living is never the same after you experience an outdoor pizza oven. You can find small, tabletop mini ovens all the way to professional custom-built pizza ovens. It’s a nice way to extend your kitchen and cooking abilities.

Kegerators are another popular appliance that will give you ice-cold beer and a party on your patio. Ice bin coolers come in handy for parties as well. They’re not just great for drinks, but for keeping food chilled as well. Other classic popular items include sinks, cooking drawers, side burners, and dishwashers for the outdoor living experience.