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Freeform vs Geometric Pool Design

Jan 11, 2023 | Pool Design

Decisions, decisions… it’s tough to choose between freeform vs geometric pool design for your backyard! Outdoor Living Design comes in many flavors and deciding what pool shape is right for you is a big one. Let’s first consider your gut feeling. If you are really leaning toward one or the other, then find a way to make it work. Now, let’s move on to other considerations.

Does a freeform or geometric design fit the architectural style of your home?

This question can carry more or less weight depending on your house style. Obviously, if your home is very modern or contemporary, then geometric is probably the best answer. I’ve seen modern freeform pools before, but it takes a really good design (and designer).

If your home is older, traditional, or classic, then it might look best with a freeform pool. If your house is colonial or Mediterranean style, then you can try either, or a combination of the two. In other words, mostly rectangular with reverse arcs in the corners.

Freeform vs Geometric Pool Design - freefrom pool photo

What type of exterior space do you have?

I’ve designed for backyards that had limited space or odd angles. Sometimes a freeform shape will get you more pool in an odd-shaped area because you can work around trees, septic, the house, or fences. If you have an abundance of usable area, then you have more options.

If you are working with a view, then geometric shapes can easily accommodate an infinity edge. If your outdoor living design is geared toward tropical or natural landscaping, then a freeform pool can continue that natural look.

What function does the pool serve?

You need to design a pool that will fit your outdoor living lifestyle. Write down the reasons you want a pool or make a list of the activities you picture happening. I’ve had clients that wanted a lap lane or lap area for exercise or wanted a space for volleyball games in their swimming pool. Both of those features work best in a geometric shape. Some want a space that will accommodate many people and have social-type areas.

Whether it’s the kid’s baseball team or a college reunion, a freeform might work best. It’s easier to put multiple seating areas, a beach entry, or jumping areas in a freeform pool and not have everyone on top of each other.

Which would choose – freeform or geometric pool design

One last thing to consider is cost. A freeform pool will have less surface area than a comparable geometric pool, therefore, it may cost a little less for a similar size. If you still can’t decide between freeform vs geometric pool design and want to talk it out, then schedule a call with me!